Blind Embossing

The art of… Blind Embossing

Blind embossed designs create an interesting visual and tactile contrast, playing with the light and shadows of the surface of your chosen notebook or diary.

The impression is created from a bespoke metal die that is formed from your own artwork.

The metal die is applied to the cover material ‘blind’, without the use of ink or foil and utilising only heat and pressure.

Tucson with blind embossing – a design match made in heaven.

The Tucson material was one of the founding materials within the Castelli collection and can boast exceptional blind embossing capabilities.

Our experienced branding team carefully monitor the process to ensure every item reaches its full branding potential, maximises your design and is of the highest quality.

The materials within the Castelli collection are specifically selected for their superior branding qualities when used in conjunction with our branding techniques. Our recommended cover materials for blind embossing can be identified by the Blind Embossing icon.

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Enhanced Eco credentials

Without the use of additional ink or foils, blind embossing is a perfect way to subtly enhance the eco credentials of your product in addition to those already offered by Castelli throughout the Collection.

For a more Eco focused promotional product view our Appeel notebooks, made from apples, or the 100% recyclable Nature diaries and notebooks.

Appeel and blind embossing – elevating the eco credentials.

Nature and blind embossing – 100% recyclable.

Blind embossing on the textured grained of the Nature cover material flattens out the die area creating a striking contrast.

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Combined branding processes

As blind embossing can be subtle in nature, you can create some exceptional branding design by successfully combining multiple branding processes such as digital print or metallic foils to great effect.

Achieving the best results from blind embossing

We have a dedicated art studio who will work with your artwork to position and create proofs for your approval and to create the die. Important considerations when creating your blind embossing artwork include size, boldness and intricacy of the design and care should be taken in spacing type so that the letters have room to form. Our experienced art department are available to assist or advise you in your designs and artwork.

Contact our sales teams to assist you with your products and branding options.

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