Castelli Ethics...

Castelli Ethics...

As a collaboration of people we firstly appreciate that we are human and as a result we are both fallible and potent. We acknowledge that our thinking is progressive and that this shapes our approach to our work. Taking into account of our awareness we see our ethical stance as both organic through greater understanding gained over time and also cemented through our shared principled boundaries.

We understand that we do not operate in a vacuum and we welcome authentic feedback in order to support our evolving ethical position. The process of creating our ethical policy is in itself a reflection of our policy aims. Meaning that we like to include a diversity of perspectives, in the forming of a more cohesive policy.

The Policy...

Our intent is to encompass all ethical issues that are relevant to Castelli’s activities. Some of these areas are as follows:


We see the quality of the products we make and the quality of our interactions with customers and partners as part of our ethical undertakings. We wish to provide our customers with a collection of items that have been made with care and to provide a service that is equal to the quality of our products. For us this means responding to appropriate feedback openly and with honesty. For us this means to assess our successes as well as our failings and using our integrity to consider what our learning edges are.

We will also continue to include our quality assurances within our strategic planning and review processes, including:

  • the annual strategic plan.
  • annual reporting of performance against established objectives.
  • periodic reviews that encourage re-evaluation of performance and direction.

Human Rights

Branded notebook, branded pen, inserted advertising pages through our business activities, we seek to support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In line with this:

  • we will never abuse or purposely undervalue anyone.
  • we are committed to the promotion of equal opportunities.
  • we will always treat all people equally and fairly regardless of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, creed, colour, race, ethnic origin, nationality or disability.
  • we will always relate to people with equal mind as an unwavering principle.
  • we will never invest in any government or business which fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of influence.
  • we will never have any type of relationship with any business whose links to an oppressive regime are a continuing cause for concern.

The Castelli offices are accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. All efforts are made to inform all Castelli employees of their responsibilities toward the company’s policy of equal opportunities

Health & Wellbeing...

Communal spaces will continue to be provided for people of the wider Castelli family of employees. This practice supports our shared view that communal spaces support a greater sense of community. We will encourage healthy eating for our employees and ensure our canteen facilities provide ethically assured products. We will seek to achieve an overall salary and benefit package for all that is appropriate and that is regularly reviewed. We will continue to fairly reward all who are employed at Castelli.

Corporate Responsibility and Global Trade

We advocate support for the Fundamental International Labour Organisation Conventions. In line with these, we will seek to support businesses that take a responsible position with regard to:

  • fair trade
  • labour rights in suppliers and customers own operations.

Social Enterprise

We will seek to support charities and the broad range of organisations involved in the Social Enterprise sector.

Ecological Impact

In line with the principles of our Ecological policy, we will seek to support businesses involved in:

  • recycling and sustainable waste management.
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • sustainable natural products and services, including timber and organic produce.
  • the pursuit of ecological sustainability.

Animal Welfare

We seek to support businesses involved in the development of alternatives to animal experimentation, farming methods which promote animal welfare, for example, free range farming.

Customer Consultation

We will regularly reappraise customers views on these and other issues and develop our Ethical Policy accordingly. From time to time, we will seek to represent our customers views on the issues contained within our Ethical Policy and other ethical issues.