Metallic & Coloured foils

The art of… foil embossing

Sumptuous metallic, holographic and coloured foils create a distinctive look and feel to your branded product. You can achieve fantastic branding results with our high quality foils hot stamped onto your promotional product.

The foil impression is created from a bespoke metal die that is formed from your own artwork.

The metal die is run through a specialised treatment where the foil, in the form of a thin film roll, is applied to the product using a careful balance of heat and pressure known as ‘blocking’.

You can select your desired foil from our range of metallic foil options.

or coloured foil options.

Matra with silver foil – a design match made in heaven. Matra boasts exceptional foil embossing capabilities.

Foil embossing is a historic and traditional skill and Castelli mastered the art originally with hand blocking machines. Our approach has now progressed to state of the art branding technology to offer you speed, accuracy and efficiency.

The materials within the Castelli collection are specifically selected and rigorously tested for their superior branding qualities when used in conjunction with branding techniques. Our recommended cover materials for foil embossing can be identified by the Metallic Foils icon.

Gold and Silver Foils

The most popular foils for branding corporate gifts remain the gold and silver foil options. Alluding a class and style of their own and transferable from a colour logo design into an effective single metallic foil design.

Special Metallic Foils

For a more specific stylised approach, explore our new range of special metallic foils to elevate your message further.

Rose Gold - Gunmetal - Copper

Matra material boasts exceptional foil embossing capabilities.

NEW Holographic Foil

For a unique branding process on your promotional product, holographic foil utilises the light diffraction to create a multi-dimensional effect which appears to change colour via movement.

Light reflective holographic foil

Coloured Foils

For a subtle co-ordinated look or a striking contrast you can utilise our range of stock coloured foils.

Combined branding processes

You can create some exceptional branding designs by successfully combining metallic foils with branding processes such as digital print or blind embossing.

Select from our range of foil options and use individually for a statement look, or combine together with other branding processes for extra dimension and a truly impressive presentation.

Achieving the best results from metallic foils

We have a dedicated art studio who will work with your artwork to position and create proofs for your approval and to create the die. Consideration should be given to intricacy of design or large areas. Our experienced art department are available to assist or advise you in your designs and artwork.

Contact our sales teams to assist you with your products and branding options.

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