environmental policy...

Castelli Environmental Policy

We take a positive stance on behalf of our customers, colleagues, the environment and the wider community. We at Castelli acknowledge that nearly all human activity has an impact on the environment. From our awareness we decided many years ago to respond positively and are REALLY DOING SOMETHING to support the environment.


Being a manufacture of paper products our awareness is very much with the respectful use of natural materials and the long-term sustainability of these natural resources. With this awareness we will always aim to limit, protect and restore our environmental impact.

What We Actually Do...


  • We will continue to source our purchases from sustainable or renewable sources wherever possible.
  • We will continue to make decision that qualify Castelli for Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) full accreditation. Accreditation number C143836. http://www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk
  • We will continue to use FSC paper for all standard Castelli paper based collection products.
  • We will continue to use FSC paper in the production of our sales literature.

Being Frugal...

  • We will continue to maximise the utilisation of our all of our materials and so reduce waste.
  • We will continue to recycle as much as is possible from all of our activities.
  • We will always want to create products and processes that remain on site in order to reduce transportation impacts.
  • The packaging used for our products is very tightly controlled and is made from environmentally friendly materials.

Working with Fair & Positive Like Minded People...

  • We will only work with partners who share our ethical values.
  • We will use fair trade alternatives where these are available and suitable for our business needs.
  • We will ensure that we have complete tracking of the source of the materials we use.

Community Involvement...

  • We will continue to supply end of line items to our chosen charities for their use, rather than discard the vintage items.
  • We will review our charity funding policy and introduce ways for employees to contribute to charity.

A Wider Message...

  • We will continue to promote the purchase of FSC accreditation and FSC paper usage.
  • We continue to promote manufacturing good practice within industry to EU standards.
  • To continue to conserve all natural resources where possible.
  • To continue to adopt energy saving practices and encourage others to do the same.
  • To continue encouraging others to be more eco minded through trade advertising.
  • To continue considering the sustainability issues in all of our actions.
  • We will continue to promote waste minimisation and reduction throughout the company.
  • We will account for the monitoring of our successes and improvements in order to promote further advancements.

The Castelli Family x