made from apples...

Castelli remain at the forefront of sustainability techniques and are the official Appeel manufacturer and supplier to the UK market and Appeel products are available exclusively from Castelli Milano 1398 and our selected trade partners.

Crafted from patented and pioneering technology and underpinned by an ecological philosophy that recognises the value of nature, Appeel is a low environmental impact product that gives new life to the less celebrated part of the fruit, which would otherwise be discarded. Apple skins, apple cores and special vegetable fibres are the raw base ingredients of this patented technique.

The apples come from orchards in the Alpine mountains of northern Italy, Germany and Austria.

The peelings and apple cores are collected from industries that product juices, preserves and pastries.

These valued residuals are dried and chopped into powder with 24 hours before any oxidation takes place. After this procedure, a highly technical process allows us to obtain cellulose to create apple paper and eco-leather (PU). A process guided by strict quality controls that guarantee the minimum environmental impact.

Appeel products include up to 50% apple cellulose in the eco-leather notebook covering and up to 35% in the eco-paper used inside. The Appeel collection also uses FSC® certified paper, responsible and obtained materials and no contaminant acids or chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.

The plant where the Appeel eco-paper is produced uses 100% hydroelectric energy, they also offset the carbon footprint of manufacturing the eco-paper by funding reforestation projects across the globe.


Continuing on the success of our original Predaia Appeel notebooks, Castelli are delighted to extend our range of ecological notebooks with the NEW Ortisei Appeel notebook. Bound in a soft tactile textured apple cover with deluxe detailing and featuring FSC® certified apple paper, finished to the exacting high standards that have become synonymous with Castelli.

Branding your Appeel notebooks

Blind embossing

Appeel covers have been crafted to achieve exceptional results with blind embossing techniques to showcase your corporate logo or brand. By using a hot stamping method to create an impression you can achieve a sophisticated and dimensional branding result for your corporate gift whilst assured of the eco and sustainability credentials.

Full Colour Digital Print

Get creative with full colour high definition digital print technology to inspire and innovate your promotional notebooks.

Advertising Wraps

Create you own branded message with custom designed advertising wraps around your Appeel product printed on the co-ordinated Appeel paper for a harmonious sustainable gift.

Advertising Pages

You can continue your brand message within your Appeel product with inserted custom printed advertsing Appeel paper pages for a coherent branded product.

Dual Branding Techniques

Testament to the meticulous detailing that Castelli assign to all of their corporate gifts, the Appeel notebooks can be personalised with a combination of blind embossing and digital print for wonderful creative promotional branding solutions.

Appeel Corporate Notebooks

Promotional gifts with the environment in mind

Testament to the meticulous detailing that Castelli assign to all of their corporate gifts, the Appeel notebooks can be personalised with a combination of blind embossing and digital print for wonderful creative promotional branding solutions.

The apple covers are available in a sympathetic colour pallet which has been considered for the subtle grained material with printed end papers, elasticated closure band, pen/pencil loop detailing and ribbon markers. Offering a wealth of beautifully crafted features that is eco-friendly to the core, Appeel notebooks are available in ruled paper format on beautiful ivory tinted apple pages with crafted round corners for an elegant look. Appeel notebooks are made in Italy and feature FSC® ecological sustainable apple paper sourced from sustainable forests.


  • fsc® certified ivory tinted apple paper
  • rounded corners
  • vertical elastic band.
  • flexible cover
  • ribbon marker
  • internal document pocket
  • suitable for digital printing and blind embossing on front cover
  • one colour print in green on high quality FSC® sustainable apple paper


format available: M39 A medium ruled notebook with Ivory tinted apple paper.



The paper within Appeel products is a patented technology derived from apple peel, vegetable fibres and FSC® certified sustainable pulp.


Appeel paper is FSC® certified using paper from responsible sources. The Forest Stewardship Council certification indicates that the wood derived products come from a forest which is well managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.


Appeel has been confirmed that it fulfils the obligations for REACH compliance.

Green Energy

Appeel paper is crafted using 100% green hydroelectric energy.

Neutral Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of Appeel paper has been calculated and neutralised by offsetting to achieve an increased level of Corporate Climate Responsibility for the Appeel products.

Quality Assured

Maintaining the high quality Italian design that has become synonymous with Castelli, no compromise has been made on the standard or branding capabilities.

Please contact our dedicated team for further information or product samples.