Our journey towards Net-Zero with Carbon Capture®

With our positive paper purchasing and the involvement of the Carbon Capture® Scheme, we have helped raise over £1.57m to date for the Woodland Trust, planting more than 420,000 trees and capturing over 96,000 tonnes of CO2 with positive purchases of our paper.

How does it work?

A Carbon Capture® charge is paid for each tonne of product purchased that is passed directly to the Trust to fund woodland conservation and the planting of trees, this absorbs carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. This helps balance Castelli’s CO2 emissions.

This is achieved in the planting of over 35,000 trees planted in the UK. Our support and participation in restoration projects continue to protect and restore the UK’s precious ancient woodland. In 2020, the UK’s woodland creation figure totalled 13,600 hectares.

The Carbon Capture® programme gives Castelli and our customers the opportunity to mitigate carbon and demonstrate their sustainable development goals.



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