Digital printing...

Digital Print

The latest branding technology to inspire and innovate your promotional products.

Castelli offer you the best high-end digital printing system available using the latest in UV technologies. Everything from the inks used to the design software match the exceptionally high standard which have become synonymous with Castelli.

Exceptional colour and definition for superior branding results.

How we achieve exceptional branding results...
Finer ink droplets create high definition print, offering sharper edges, finer details, faultless gradients and pin-sharp typography.
Photographic quality print with our multi-channel print system can add greater colour tone and depth producing amazing results for fine art shading and natural skin tones.

With the advantage of a white print channel, you can select any base colour product.

Digital printed samples are available upon request, so if you’d like to talk to us about our digital print services or request samples, just give us a call or drop us an email.

Full Colour Digital Print

Create a full colour cover design on a coordinated or contrasting cover colour.

DPF1W full colour cover design on white product
DPF1 full cover design on coloured product

Back Cover Digital Print

Maximise your creativity and branding potential with digital print on the back cover*

DPF2W full back cover design on white product
DPH2W half back cover design/logo on white product

Colour Print

Print your brand in full colour and on any material substrate with our colour print option.

Colour Logo Digital Print

Create single or full colour logo design on a coordinating or contrasting cover colour for a cohesive and modern corporate image.

DPH1W half cover/logo design on white product
DPH1 half cover design/logo on coloured product

Multiple Branding Processes

Create a truly inspiring design with two or more branding processes combined. From a full cover digital print with foil accents to a blind embossed full cover and gel dome, the choice is yours.

DPH1W half cover/logo design on white product
DPH1 half cover design/logo on coloured product